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The ask

Ruhhette is a premium extravagant jewellery brand that pulls inspiration from the pinnacle of beauty seen in all spheres of life, making it ideal for the contemporary lady who is bold, powerful, and kind.

Our team collaborated closely with Miss. Pooja Aggarwal the director of Ruhhette to create the new DTC experience’s look and feel. The new Shopify Plus experience has to be attractive, on-brand, and provide cutting-edge e-commerce capability

Tech partners


The solution

During the creative phase, we used tools like Invision and Sketch to create fast prototypes. Given the company’s reputation, it was critical that the creative be on-brand and known to their clientele.

We wanted to know what factors affected customers’ purchasing choices. This enabled Brad experts to adopt a customer-first approach and make design choices based on their requirements


The Results

The final result was an efficient user experience and an appealing design built on Shopify, the world's most powerful ecommerce platform

Improved CX

Customer experience improvements that increased sales.


Grape Sculpt Wear

Shopify 2.0 design & development, Wire-framing & Development, SEO


Shopify 2.0 design & development, Wire-framing & Development, SEO

Shopify 2.0 design & development, Wire-framing & Development, SEO