GRAPE Sculpt Wear

GRAPE Sculpt Wear is the largest selection of slimming intimates, body shapers, hosiery, apparel & the latest innovations in shapewear for modern Women.


Advanced Discovery
Shopify 2.0 Development
Wire-framing & Development
Reviews and Loyalty
Payment Gateway
Shipping Integration

The ask

GRAPE Sculpt Wear aimed to establish and launch a brand minimalist DTC ecommerce business.

GRAPE Brand approached Brad experts to design & develop their online store by launching a bespoke, editorially-rich design on Shopify Online Store 2.0. One primary aim was to greatly improve on-site performance and to modernise the user interface

Tech partners


The solution

We utilised tools and did speedy prototyping throughout the creative process. Given the company’s reputation, it was vital that the creative be on-brand and familiar to their target audience.

We were curious in the aspects that influenced consumers’ purchase decisions. This allowed Brad professionals to prioritise the customer and make development decisions according on their needs. Brand Development and Editorial Wire-framing

The end result was a modern design and an easy-to-use user interface developed on Shopify, the world’s most sophisticated ecommerce platform

The Results

The integration of the brand with Shopify was flawless. The revised UX aided the brand in obtaining large conversions and increasing customer experience

Improved CX

Customer experience improvements that increased sales.


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