Lal Sweets

Premium & luxury designer women's clothing brand


Shopify 2.0 & SEO development
Editorial Wire-framing & Development
Third Party API Integration
Payment Gateway & Shipping Integration

The ask

Shakuntlam is a luxury designer brand that has been in business since 1991. Its founders aimed to design, build a shopify premium stores for online selling business to expand internationally

Shakuntlam commissioned Brad specialists to overhaul their online shop by releasing a custom, editorially-rich design on Shopify Online Store 2.0. A main goal was to significantly increase on-site performance and undertake a UX redesign

Tech partners


The solution

During the development phase, we used tools and performed quick prototyping. Given the brand’s reputation, it was critical that the creative be on-brand and known to their clientele.

We wanted to know what factors affected customers’ purchasing choices. This enabled Brad professionals to put the client first and make development choices based on their requirements. Editorial Wire-framing and Brand Development

The final product was a sleek design and an easy user experience built on Shopify, the world’s most powerful ecommerce platform.


The Results

The brand's integration with Shopify was seamless. We have expended to international selling & bestindlass google page insights score

Improved CX

Customer experience improvements that increased sales.


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