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The Challenge

Brand Shop By the Bay is a distinguished lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from the scenic beauty found in coastal living, making it the perfect choice for individuals seeking a blend of sophistication and casual elegance in their everyday lives.

Our collaboration closely involved working with Ms. Mridu Jain, the creative director of Shop By the Bay, to reimagine and enhance the direct-to-consumer (DTC) experience. The goal was to create an appealing, on-brand, and technologically advanced e-commerce platform that resonates with the brand’s essence.

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The Approach

Throughout the creative process, our team leveraged cutting-edge tools such as Figma and Adobe Creative Suite to swiftly develop prototypes. Given the brand’s distinctive identity, it was paramount to ensure that the design not only aligned with but also enhanced the connection with their diverse customer base.

Understanding the factors influencing consumer choices was key. By delving into the preferences of Shop By the Bay’s clientele, our experts adopted a customer-centric approach. This insight guided our design decisions, ensuring that the final product was not only visually stunning but also aligned seamlessly with the expectations and needs of the target audience.

The Results

The culmination of our efforts is a revamped online shopping experience on the Brand Shop By the Bay's Shopify Plus platform. The new design not only reflects the brand's unique style but also enhances the overall user journey. From seamless navigation to visually appealing product displays, every aspect of the platform is carefully crafted to provide a modern, engaging, and user-friendly e-commerce experience.


Shopify 2.0 design & development, Wire-framing & Development, SEO

Shopify 2.0 design & development, Wire-framing & Development, SEO

Shopify 2.0 design & development, Wire-framing & Development, SEO